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Clifftop Yoga

escape to discover


Is this it ?!

Success, status & material comfort ? In repeat-mode ?! As high-achievers, over-performers, we stumbled over this question, somewhere around... midlife :-)

At first, we tried to escape the question, to discover that clearly did not work. So pushed by coincidence (or was it power of the universe after all...?), we had to dive in at the deep end to... discover there is indeed so much to explore.

Oh yeah, there's more than this !

It started with short escapes on the mat and evolved into longer teachings and training in yoga, meditation and breath work.  Hours of inspirational books & podcasts, but mostly own explorations and discoveries each during our personal journey as well as invigorating conversations with Betsie's friends (all exploring the same question or a close variation of it ;-), finally lead to the creation of a small non-profit BETSIE in 2019 : '"Building Empowering Transformation through techniques of Systemic-Innovative Energy-connections" ? Read that again: quite a mouthful, right ? And a bit over-achieving and too ambitious maybe ?

Betsies escape it is.

So "transformational BETSIE" became "betsies escape".

Betsie escapes to...explore potential gateways connecting body & mind, heart & head, ego & awareness with the sole purpose to create bridges between worlds that much too often exist separate from one another. Betsie's purpose is to be the gate-seeker and bridge-keeper between all those worlds and by doing so to contribute to the hybrid future our planet clearly needs.

Betsies friends are curious souls, holding space for those micro-millimeter-miracles and subtle shifts in presence & energy. No sissies, for sure and fully aware that growth edges are not comfortable places.

Betsies friends dare to stretch body and mind to become a better version of themselves. They dive into rabbit-holes (which occasionally could be shit-holes also ;-) to conquer the monkey mind. No fight&flight, just stay&play!

marleen bio.jpg


Marleen Denef

Curious sister, always has been.
Can silence her inner Viking Princess  (sometimes ;-).
energized by connecting people, perspectives, frequencies & dimensions...
Probably multi-potentialite. Definitely
hybrid gate-seeker and bridge-keeper.
Improvising with
yoga on land (preferably a flowy mix), on water (her kingdom for a Sup)
and in the air (
Experimenting with breath (the hybrid kind) and meditation (with varying success...).


Jan Theunis​

Willful seeker, always has been.

Can tame his competition beast (sometimes ;-).

Mostly energized by learning, working & passing it on.

Super-focus-teacher. No doubts and unflappable.

Well thought-out yoga on his mat:

from super-powerful Vinyasas to in-the-zone yoga nidra.

Mindful in all his actions, rarely out of breath.

jan bio.jpg
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